Unique surprise in our salon... world masseuse, the best one in tantric massage.

Charlotta (HEGRE ART)

Let me introduce myself… My name is Charlotta and I am an masseuse with years of experiences in Czech Republic and Spain. My biggest challenge and at the same one of my best work experience was a cooperation with Hegre.com., where I could evolve my experiences and improve myself in an art of transmitting touches. I am a naturally empathetic person, that is why I can empathy and understand your feelings and needs.

"Available every Tuesday and Thursday, Sunday on request / required reservation one day ahead by phone!"
World masseuse, the best one in tantric massage.... Charlotta

My own tantra programs:


Touch of Charlotta Classic

Get to know with my Tantra. At the same time, it is an opportunity for me to get you know. This is an oil massage which maps every piece of your body. You might be surprised how your body will react on combination of gentle and energizing touch during the massage.

120 min. – 250,00 €


Touch of Charlotta Intense

Massage starts with a consultation, next step is a ritual, where we try to calm down and unite breathing. In first part, your body will receive a wide range of relaxing touches, which will help you to relax and completely trust me. In second part, we will be concentrated on proper tantra breathing and activation of sexually energy, with which we work for the rest of the massage and we release it to the whole body. The massage is finished by penis massage, where thank to proper breathing techniques, you get bigger pleasure. If you wish, prostate massage may be included.

180 min. – 350,00 €


Touch of Charlotta for women

Women are like flowers. Men’s and women’s energy work differently, that is why women need different access than men. This massage is still about relaxation and the pleasure of mind and body. But we are more concentrated to awake women’s sexual energy. Women can reach orgasmic and ecstatictates only if they feel safe so like that they can open to all emotions. The ritual is gradual and completely respects your needs and limits.

180 min. – 250,00 €

How Do I Make An Order And Where Can I Find You?

Massage is available after order by the phone. We do not respond to sms or unknown numbers. The order must be made at least 2 hours in advance, but we recommend a day in advance. Our lounge can be found on Levočská Street 26 / A, Poprad, in the Corrib Tower. The entrance is through the polyclinic next to the pharmacy on the first floor and at the end of the corridor. After 16:30 and over the weekend, the entrance to the building is locked, so when you arrive you will call us, and we will come for you in front of the building.